Wednesday, 25 September 2013

pj november challenge: the preparation

I'm planning and preparing to enter PJ Challenge's November Challenge.  It's a two-parter and a doozy.

The challenge: Prepare your materials according to a pre-determined kit (September 30th deadline) and create cards using those materials only (November 1 deadline) until you have nothing left to use.

The kit includes:

- 6 sheets of paper (maximum)

- 5 stamps (maximum)

- 4 inks, dyes, or paints (maximum)

- 3 types of embellishments (as many of each type as you want)

- 2 ribbons or something similar

- 1 drink of choice (water, homemade lemonade, tea, coffee, wine, etc).

I've decided to use washi as an embellishment and as a ribbon alternative.  And I choose to use my "drink of choice" in my cards.  The spray bottle contains water although I seriously think using red wine would be great fun and would result in some pretty fun scratch and sniff cards.

Time to start crafting!

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