Friday, 6 September 2013

phoebe, buttons and poppies banner

I went back to The Inked Stamper for another amazing mixed media class and this time I got to play on canvas.  We used so many different media and I got fabulously messy making this adorable Phoebe Prima Doll banner.  My end product doesn't exactly resemble Dawn's template.  At the bottom right was supposed to be an alcohol inked heart marked "princess" and my version had turned out well enough, however, the positioning of the heart was really bothering me.  Issue: when you pull up a glossy piece of paper from a printed canvas things don't always turn out so pretty.  When you do it at 10:30 at night your judgement and skill is quite impaired.  It is probably best to wait until morning to exercise a more rationale judgement.  Advice: Don't pull up said paper in the first place or have a darn good back-up plan to fix the boo-boo you create.  My back-up plan: buttons.  It only took 1.5 hours to figure out.  I pulled the green hue from the acrylic painted green stems of the poppies and had a good time hot gluing the buttons to the canvas (that was not sarcasm although at about midnight when I finally decided on buttons "good time" was not the term that I was thinking).

For the backdrop of the banner I used a large script stamped directly onto the canvas.  The poppies were also stamped on using a foam stamp and acrylic paints.  Foam loves paint and the result is fantastic if you are willing to accept some imperfections.  You can ink up the foam stamp quite heavily to get a more pronounced image, however, I didn't want the red to overwhelm Phoebe.


The dress was cardstock paper and highlighted with markers and my gelly roll pen.  I painted in Phoebe's hair using Tim Holtz distress ink (vintage photo) and markers.

The adorable lettering was added with a coloured matte gel medium and a stencil.  We added gold to the the gel medium.  Easy peesy coloured gel medium.

My midnight buttons.

Dawn's classes are always fun (and so so messy - makes me so so so happy).  Even with the late night emergency (if only in my own mind) correction I adore this banner and my newest addition to my ladies (I have a growing bunch of girly stamps), Phoebe.

I'm entering my Phoebe banner in the a blog named Hero Challenge #31: Button It!

Here's to late night plan Bs.

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