Thursday, 26 January 2017

the tan has faded, however, the memory will last forever

I suppose there is something ironic about disappearing for five months (to the day) after posting my excitement in reaching 100 blogosphere posts. Although contrary to good posting, you have to admit I have the sense of mystery down pat.

My first post back into the blogosphere world is really out of order in its creation.  I have been working on some new-to-me techniques and I wanted to share this particular journal page with you, and The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge team as my entry in challenge #32: Put a Stencil On It.

This was round two for this new-to-me technique of adding glaze to a page.  I did a trial run first, with a different stencil, in my practice/experimental journal.  And now I'm addicted. I might glaze everything in sight.  I might also use the Stencil Girl 17002 building stencil for every project.  It is crazy amazing gorgeous. It is almost a shame I covered it up; maybe next time I will create a page that highlights the stencil itself.  Oh mad stencil love.

As I mentioned this journal page isn't the first to be created in this journal.  It is the fourth page of my travel journal commemorating our trip to the Caribbean in 2014.  The photos are taken in Oranjestad, Aruba where the ocean was turquoise and the streets were lined with iguanas. Apparently, you may also choose to dine on iguana (not on an iguana as a table; the iguana is the dining bit), however, we decided to stick with swimming and eating on the cruise.

I have no great story to match this photo of a horse with a lampshade on its head (for some reason I think his story may be far more interesting than anything I can create).  I just loved the contrasted colours in this room.  There was so much dark ornate wood surrounded by white supporting structures which made this room really regal and beautiful.

Thank you to those who stayed on with me even though I took a lengthy blogging absence.  And thank you to my new friends on Instagram.  I appreciate the support.

Keep getting messy.


  1. This is a beautiful - I love the background stencil!! And I love the horse - he made me smile this morning! Thank you so much for playing with us this month at The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge Blog!

    1. Thank you!! It was fun to create and I'm always inspired by The Mixed Media Blog.

  2. OMG! I didn't read through your whole post before I recognized that this is Aruba. We stayed in the hotel across from that restaurant and I do believe it was in 2014 as well. This is our go to spot to relax and get away from it all. Tons of great food within walking distance. If you ever go back be sure to check out The West Deck, just past the movie theatres and across the bridge walking away from the marina. Hope you had a good time on your visit! And I love the old architecture feel you achieved!

    1. We really loved Aruba! I will definitely check The West Deck out. Thank you for the travel tip!!