Monday, 24 June 2013

suction cup the octopus

It's not a paper craft.  It's not jewelry.  It did permit me to take a photograph of it.

I had learned to make octopuses out of yarn when I was in elementary school (grade 2 to be exact) and in conjunction with Alex's absolute adoration for this cephalopod and a touch of nostalgia I pulled out my bag of yarn and googly eyes.

My muse is very much into the Wild Kratts and impresses me daily with his knowledge about animals and wild life.  The other day he pointed to a bird in a book and informed me that it was a Peregrine Falcon (I had to read the caption - he was right, of course).  He asked, "Mom, where can we find Peregrine Falcons?" I answered that when the zoo opens for the summer we will be able to see one there.  Alex's response? "No.  They are found in the forest.  Good on you for trying."

Cheeky monkey.

Alex had been asking for a new octopus for some time now.  We have octopuses in many varieties - those that grow in water, ones that walk down walls, one made out of a toilet paper roll (Alex's creation) and now one in yarn.  Alex named our newest yarn friend Suction Cup.

Suction Cup was the snuggle stuffie of choice last night for bed and this morning he was shooting through the air in the dining room.  Alex had to show Mom and Dad how Suction Cup's jet propulsion works (it works all too well as Suction Cup blasted into walls and the ceiling a few times).  I'm not too worried about Suction Cup's durability.  For a half ball of yarn, two googly eyes and a ball of styrofoam I think there will be many Suction Cups to come!

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