Tuesday, 13 May 2014

always start out with a larger pot than what you think you need - julia child

One of my good friends purchased (and I borrowed during the stamp camp retreat) the most adorable apron die-cut set from which I created two similar Mother's Day cards.  The die-cut set comes with cooking utensils, sewing equipment and gardening tools giving it an amazing versatility in terms of function and design.  And the apron itself can be cut from grunge or vinyl to achieve a more masculine working man feel.

The spoon, fork and knife were embellishments I found in my stash (I cannot even tell you how old those little gems are; it would be an insult to share their age) and the rolling pin, spatula and scissors were cut from the apron set.  I cut the rolling pin from birch wood paper and white paper, coloured the ends of the white paper red, glued those ends onto the cherry wood and highlighted the entire thing with glossy accents.  The scissors were cut from silver and white papers, the white paper (the scissor handle) was coloured red, filled in with glossy accents and attached to the silver base.  The spatula was also cut from birch wood paper and white paper.  I attached the white end to the birch and filled the birch in with glossy accents.

Version two with different papers:

How adorable is the frying pan?  I added a spoon from my stash and the jump ring from my jewelry reserve.  Thank you ms. pb for the suggestion.  Très authentique!

And thank you for stopping in and sharing your ideas.  

Still to come: quirky tags, fairy tale tags and two cards.  Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for sneak peeks and progress photos.

Right now I'm working on mr. everythingshetouches' birthday card.  I think I might use some of the gelli plate sheets I created last weekend as a background.  Don't tell him that I haven't figured out exactly how the whole thing will work together.  This is one moment when the concept is stuck in concept-mode and is not becoming a finished product in my brain.  Cross your fingers folks that it all turns out great and mr. everythingshetouches is wowed by my craftiness.  No pressure.  It is only a card for one of the most important people in my life.  But I have faith that some distress crackle will free the creative spirit.

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