Wednesday, 24 December 2014

12 favourite 2014 projects over 2 posts

As 2014 is coming to a close I thought it would be fun to join some of my blogosphere friends and post my twelve favourite 2014 projects.  There is something very satisfying and fun looking back over the year remembering the work, the grumbles, the mistakes, the successes and the laughs (I still love the story of how Pinocchio got his twig nose) now embedded in each little (or maybe not so little; I'm still working on that) project.  I love remembering the support, the feedback and the people who surrounded me as I crafted.

Here they are in order of appearance:

12. another prima birthday (January) 

11.   goggles and tophats: a steampunk january (February) 

10.  valentine's day tags 42 over 2 posts (February).  This was really an all-time favourite.  I know, I know, it's really three (five if you count post one) projects but I can help myself.  This was my first humungous swap (42 tags) and I love how each set turned out.  Gold star for Valentine's Day 2014.

9.  lil monster layout (March)

8.  shabby freya chic (March) 

7.  scottie and yolanda birthday wishes (May)

6.  always start out with a larger pot than what you think you need - julia child (May)

Stay tuned for post two with the second half of my favourite project picks.

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