Sunday, 3 July 2016

hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers - robert green ingersoll

I love using faber-castell gelatos to create a watercolour palette.  It's easy to get depth and subtle colour transitions when using rich and creamy gelatos.

I stamped tim holtz flower garden onto watercolour paper in white permanent ink and white embossed the images to give them definition.  I used watermelon, metallic melon and bubble gum gelatos to fill in each of the flowers.  The background is a boxed card set that I bought at michaels.  These boxed card and envelope sets (I'm sure you've seen them - huge boxes of cards and envelopes) really help out when you need to create a whole bunch of cards at once in a jiffy.  Especially when you're like me and love creating multi-layered cards but have a limited amount of time.

Here's a closer look at the watercoloured flowers.  There are a few ways to use gelatos to get different results; my favourite, hands down, is this technique: take your gelato, smash a bit of the tip onto your craft mat, dip your paintbrush into water and mix it with the gelato colour.  Like all watercolours, the more water you use the lighter the colour, the less water you use the darker the colour.  Try layering different colours onto an image and then go back (it doesn't need to be perfectly dry; gelatos on watercolour paper dries really quickly anyway - if you haven't used a ton of water) and add more colour with less water.  You'll find that the colour depth you can create is phenomenal.  And it's so much fun.

Get messy.  Have fun.  See you back here soon.

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