Sunday, 24 January 2016

interpretation of tim holtz's 12 tags of 2016 - technique remix - january

I had to make some paint adjustments because I realized that I do not own black soot distress paint as I pulled out my tools in preparation to make this tag.  I know.  I was pretty shocked myself.  It took me a good half hour of searching in a state of disbelief to concede that I would need to find a decent, but different, replacement; raw umber and black acrylic (sorry, you might not be black soot but you're both very dear to my craftiness).
I also went with the most adorable robot stamps and complementary gear embossing folder. 
This was my first attempt (you're seeing public version number 2; I had to make an adjustment to my choice of embossing powder.  When Tim Holtz says use this particular embossing powder because it works you should listen and not get distracted by watching Hell on Wheels on the telly) at the chalkboard technique.
I added a few fun embellishments and some copper outlining which works well with the raw umber.
And here it is, my interpretation of the January 2016 tag:
Today is my birthday and I want to thank my amazing friend for the most incredible birthday gift.  It is truly a thoughtful gift and I cannot wait to free it from its packaging, warm it up and create something crafty. 

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